VINO Chem-Med AS is a Norwegian company whose main goal is to bring quality products from Europe and US in the life science & chemical analysis (LSCA) and medical drugs & cosmetics to the Asian market and the Nordic countries. Our focus is the Vietnamese market and with our local partners in Vietnam we look forward to collaborating with both end-users and companies.


The people behind VINO Chem-Med AS have more than 20 years of experience in distributing and selling LSCA products. For the Vietnamese market we do both direct sales to the end users and through our partners in Vietnam. In Norway and the Nordic region, we operate both as a direct sales channel and sales agent.


  1. Consultant services
  2. Sales through collaboration partners
  3. Direct sales to end – users.


VINO Chem-Med works with suppliers and partners to find the product of interest to your company and customers. With our broad network and experience we can offer many products in the LSCA area and medical drugs & cosmetics.

Contact us for a chat and the start of a new collaboration.


Cyanagen is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemiluminescent substrates for Western blotting and ELISA/CLIA. The company also offers fluorescent dyes for biological analysis, cell imaging, genomics, proteomics, and chemical sensors.


Plasmion has a developed a novel ionization technology for mass spectrometry. The Sicrit ion source cover techniques like ESI/APCI/APPI in one setup. Sicrit source is also flexible as it can be used for GC-coupling to a LCMS system.

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