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About the company Cyanagen

Cyanagen Srl is an Italian biotech company founded in 2003. Design, development and production of reagents for DNA/RNA extraction, chemiluminescent and fluorescent detection in the life sciences are our core business.

To contribute to the fight against COVID-19, Cyanagen developed a Viral DNA/RNA extraction kit, CE/IVD, expanding from research life science to in vitro diagnostics.

Cyanagen is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemiluminescent substrates for Western blotting and ELISA/CLIA and also offers fluorescent dyes for biological analysis, cell imaging, genomics, proteomics, and chemical sensors.

Our key technologies, covered by international patents, achieve outstanding performance in sensitivity, stability and ease of use.

Cyanagen’s product lines are available for OEM and OEM CUSTOM sales, according to Clients’ specifications.

Cyanagen offers clients support in R&D and problem-solving projects, as well as in international calls.

Customer satisfaction and product top quality are of paramount importance to us.

Products line

  1. 1
    STAR BEADS DNA/RNA Extraction kits
    1. TAR BEADS is a line dedicated to rapid and efficient purification and isolation of high quality nucleic acids from various sample types.
    2. STAR BEADS line based on magnetic beads technology, enabling the selective binding of total nucleic acid to the magnetic beads, while removing impurities efficiently during the washing steps.
    3. The resulting high quality total nucleic acid is then eluted from the beads using RNase-DNase free water and is then ready for use in sensitive molecular testing


  2. 2
    WESTAR ECL Substrates for Western Blotting

    WESTAR is Cyanagen product line of two-component chemiluminescent substrates for Western blotting. Westar products offer different levels of sensitivity for your Western blotting, allowing from picogram to femtogram detection range.

    Our proprietary technology enables fine tuning of signal intensity in order to obtain the assay sensitivity and signal duration best suited to meet each experimental need.

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